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Rune W. Berg, PhD

Dep. of Neuroscience

Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

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Peer-reviewed Publications


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Radosevic, M, A Willumsen, PC Petersen, H Linden, M Vestergaard, RW Berg "Common drive not so common: Decoupling of timescales reveals large and sparse premotor spinal network" In Preparation 2018 (Preprints).

RW Berg "Commentary: Synaptic excitation in spinal motoneurons alternates with synaptic inhibition and is balanced by outward rectification during rhythmic motor network activity" Front Neural Circuits, 12:1, 2018 (Link)(PDF).

Perrier, J-F, HB Rasmussen, RW Berg "Intense activity of the raphe spinal pathway depresses motor activity via a serotonin dependent mechanism" Front Neural Circuits, 11:111, 2018 (Link) (PDF).

RW Berg "Neuronal diversity in spinal motor circuits: The whole is greater than sum of its parts" Front Neural Circuits, 11: 103, 2017 (Link) (PDF).

Jensen, KHR, and Berg RW "Advances and perspectives in tissue clearing using CLARITY", J. Chemical Neuroanatomy, 86: 19-34, 2017 (Link) (PDF) (Cover).

Vich, C, RW Berg, S Ditlevsen, A Guillamon "Estimation of synaptic conductances in presence of nonlinear effects caused by subthreshold ionic currents" Front. Comput. Neurosci. 11:69, 2017 (Link) (PDF).

Petersen, PC, and RW Berg "Spinal cord preparation from adult red-eared turtles for electrophysiological recordings during motor activity" Bio-protocol 7(13), e2381, 2017 (Link) (PDF)

Berg, RW, MT Stauning, JB Sorensen, H Jahnsen "Comment on 'Penetration of action potentials during collision in the median and lateral giant axons of invertebrates'" Physical Review X, 7 028001 2017 (Link) (PDF) (Supplement)

Petersen, PC and RW Berg "Lognormal firing rate distribution reveals prominent fluctuation-driven regime in spinal motor networks" eLife 2016; 10.7554/eLife.18805 (Link) (PDF) (Cover1) (Cover2). This publication is associated with an insight article written by Mark D. Humphries, "The Goldilocks zone of neural circuits" eLife 2016;5:e22735 (eLife link).

Jensen, KHR, RW Berg "CLARITY-compatible lipophilic dyes for electrode marking and neuronal tracing" Scientific Reports, 6:32674, 2016 (Link) (PDF)

Vestergaard, M and RW Berg "Divisive gain modulation of motoneurons by inhibition optimizes muscular control" J. Neuroscience 35(8):3711-3723, 2015 (Link) (pdf) (Cover).


Petersen, PC, M Vestergaard, KHR Jensen, and RW Berg "Premotor spinal network with balanced excitation and inhibition during motor patterns has high resilience to structural division" J. Neuroscience 34(8): 2774–2784, 2014 (pdf) This publication includes cover material of the transected spinal cord (Cover image).

Berg RW and Ditlevsen S, "Synaptic inhibition and excitation estimated via the time constant of membrane potential fluctuations" J. Neurophysiol. 110: 1021-1034, 2013 (pdf). For the matlab code presented here, please go the page on matlab central: SynapticConductance code.

Kolind J, Hounsgaard J and Berg R. W. "Opposing effects of intrinsic conductance and correlated synaptic input on Vm-fluctuations during network activity" Front. Comput. Neurosci. 6:40, 2012. doi:10.3389/fncom.2012.00040 (pdf)

Jahn P, Berg RW, Hounsgaard J, Ditlevsen S. "Motoneuron membrane potentials follow a time inhomogeneous jump diffusion process" J. Comput Neurosci.. 2011; 31(3): 563-79 (pdf)

S. Walloe, U. V. Nissen, R. W. Berg, J. Hounsgaard, B. Pakkenberg "Stereological estimate of the number of neurons and glial cells in the spinal segment D9 of the red-eared turtle" J. Neuroscience, 31, 2431-2435, 2011. (pdf)

J. Dreyer, K. Herrik, R. W. Berg, and J. Hounsgaard "Influence of phasic and tonic dopamine release on uptake and receptors" J. Neuroscience 30,14273-14283, 2010. (pdf) The publication has supplementary text (pdf), a cover illustration (jpg) and two movies (movie 1) and (movie 2).



R. W. Berg, M.-T. Chen, H.-C. Huang, M.-C. Hsiao, H. Cheng "A method for unit recording in the lumbar spinal cord during locomotion of the conscious adult rat" Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 182, 49-54, 2009. (pdf)

R. W. Berg and J. Hounsgaard "Signaling in large-scale neural networks" Cogn Process 10 (1 SUPPL.) pp. 9-15, 2009. (pdf)

R. W. Berg, S. Ditlevsen and J. Hounsgaard "Intense synaptic activity enhances temporal resolution spinal motoneurons" PLoS ONE3(9): e3218, 2008. (pdf). Supplementary material (pdf). Faculty of 1000 rating: "Must read" faculty of 100.

R. W. Berg, A. Alaburda and J. Hounsgaard "Balanced inhibition and excitation drives spike activity in spinal half-centers" Science, vol. 315(5810) 390-393, 2007 (pdf). This publication has Supporting online material (pdf), a perspective written by William B. Kristan (pdf) and includes a cover illustration- About the cover

R. W. Berg, D. Whitmer, and D. Kleinfeld. "Exploratory whisking by rat is not phase-locked to the hippocampal theta rhythm" J. Neuroscience, 26(24):6518-6522, 2006. (pdf). Including cover illustration (of a later issue) About the cover. Recommended reading by Faculty of 1000 faculty of 100.

R. W. Berg, B. Friedman, L. F. Schroeder and D. Kleinfeld. "Activation of nucleus basalis facilitates cortical control of a brainstem motor program." J. Neurophysiology 94: 699-711, 2005. (pdf)

R.W. Berg and D. Kleinfeld, "Vibrissa movement elicited by rhythmic electrical microstimulation to motor cortex in the awake and aroused rat mimics exploratory whisking", J. Neurophysiology 90: 2950-2963, 2003. (pdf)

R. N. S. Sachdev, R. W. Berg, G. Champney, D. Kleinfeld, F. F. Ebner, "Unilateral vibrissa contact: changes in amplitude but not timing of rhythmic whisking", Somatosensory & Motor Research, 20(2): 163 - 169, 2003. (pdf)

R.W. Berg and D. Kleinfeld, "Rhythmic whisking by Rat: Retraction as well as protraction of the vibrissae is under active muscular control", J. Neurophysiology, 89: 104-117, 2003. (pdf)

S.M. O'Connor, R.W. Berg and D. Kleinfeld, "Coherent electrical activity between vibrissa sensory areas of cerebellum and neocortex is enhanced during free whisking", J. Neurophysiology 87: 2137-2148, 2002. (pdf)





D. Kleinfeld, R.W. Berg, S.M. O'Connor, "Anatomical loops and their electrical dynamics in relation to whisking by rat", Somatosensory and motor research 1999; 16(2): 69-88. (pdf)